About me




I have qualified in Kinesis Myofascial Integration, one of the schools of Structural Integration and also passed the Certification Exam for Structural Integratorssm. Passing the rigorous exam demonstrates knowledge of Structural Integration including Client Relations, Assessment, Strategy, The Work, and Ethics. Currently, there are less than 300 Board Certified Structural Integratorscm worldwide.

Courses attended and completed:

“Spectrum Rolfing”  - with Christoph Sommer, France Hatt-Arnold and Konrad Obermeier (Mar-Apr 09)                                                                                          

Anatomy Trains  Myofascial Meridians - with James Earls (Aug  09)

Kinesis Myofascial Integration        

KMI I - with Tom Myers, James Earls (Sep 09 )

KMI II  - with James Earls and Carrie Gaynor (Oct-Nov 09)

KMI III - with Tom Myers, James Earls and Mike Doxey (Apr-Jun 10 )

As a client, I have had many sessions of various methods of bodywork, including: RolfingR, KMI Structural Integration and the Mézières Method.

I have also much experience with movement re-education techniques including: Alexander Technique, Rolfing Movement and yoga.

I studied mathematics at Aberdeen University and then spent the next 20 years in the IT industry, writing computer software. I currently teach the piano in addition to KMI work. See my Music page for more information.

I am a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators.