What does it involve?


Usually, the basic Kinesis Myofascial Integration process consists of a series of 12 sessions, with each session lasting 60 minutes. Each of the sessions has a specific theme and will vary depending on the patterns of the individual client. In general, the work proceeds from superficial to the deeper layers of tissue. The techniques are applied slowly to allow the tissue to soften, lengthen and release.

Prior to commencing the first session, there will be a free 30-minute consultation to discuss any problems you may be experiencing and to find out whether there are any possible contraindications to having the sessions. At the start of the first session, I will carry out a “bodyreading” by assessing your posture. Please ensure that you wear appropriate underwear that you will be comfortable in.

Ideally, the sessions should be every 7 - 14 days and the 12 sessions completed within a 6-month period.  Any further sessions, if required, should be taken after a gap of 6 months or more, as changes can continue to occur after the series of sessions has finished.